Traffic Light Monitoring System based on NodeMCU using Internet of Things

Abstract : The increasing numbers of the private car cause the road traffic congestion. That is becoming important problems in the big cities. Another solution to reduce the traffic jam is developing intelligent transportation system such as intelligent traffic light system. However, the solution of such problems is one of the mandatory concern. In recent years, a smart city is the hottest topic for the efficiency of traffic light using the Internet of Things. Based on that issue, this research proposed traffic light monitoring system that can monitor and display a real-time traffic congestion through smartphones. The system utilized NodeMCU (ESP 8266 12E) equipped by IR obstacle sensor to indicate the road traffic congestion. To connect the internet, the system uses ESP8266 12E wifi in the chip of NodeMCU. It will send a notification to smartphones user. With this research, it is expected to improve road traffic tremendously such as to predict traffic congestion and the system can give some efficient routes for a user.
 • In the existing system ,the main problem is maintaining and controlling the traffic was doing manually . • In our country no where is using IOT technology to control the traffic and also to track the person who is not following the traffic rules . • Our government spending lot of money to control the traffic by providing money to the traffic polices. • Two different classes of TOF depth sensors exist, depending on the method they adopt to measure distances and the properties of the transmitted signal. • The first class is represented by Pulse Modulation (PM) sensors. Distance is computed directly from the time of flight using a high resolution timer that measures the delay between signal emission and reception.
 • The main concern of the modern automotive industry is passenger safety and accidents due to drivers' negligence are one of the problems for the roadside people. • This problem is being partly solved with the use of this vehicle speed control system. Hence a system that does ensure safety is in huge demand. • To overcome the mentioned problem, we are designing a system that controls vehicle speed in particular zone. And detects alcohol consumption and also detect the accident and sends the accident location to the family person. • Globally road accident is considered to be an important issue, which can be reduced by proper vehicle speed monitoring system.
 • In our proposed work, the count of vehicles passing through a passage that is at a few distance before the active traffic jam points can be conveyed to control station for managing the traffic flow. • The proposed system manages the traffic on local and centralized servers by exploiting the concepts of IoT and Intelligent Image Processing. • It is divided into frames, and then after binary conversion and noise removal, blob detection is performed and finally the count is estimated using the proposed vehicle counting method. • An automatic traffic light control system was proposed in using IoT, IR sensor and cameras. • A system to control traffic was proposed in, which used wireless transmitter to transmit the images directly to main server. • An adaptive system designed for managing the traffic system in reference to the automatic passing of emergency vehicles was proposed in using IoT technology. • However, the proposed method focuses at providing the vehicle count data in Indian Urban cities to control station for a user specific time interval at user specified place that can help to manage traffic, which is going to affect the next busy junction.
 • Automatically control the traffic. • Tracking the person. • We can reduce excessive traffic jams. • Daily feedback. • The system automatically override the signals in emergency conditions. • Operated remotely over the internet
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