Abstract : In India, Liquified Petroleum Gas Cylinder is used as the primary source for cooking. The level of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) Cylinder decreases gradually on daily usage. Upon complete utilization of the LPG Cylinder, a new cylinder can be availed by booking with LPG vendors which may take up to two to three days. Users have no provision to view the level of the LPG Cylinder used daily and sudden depletion of the LPG cylinder causes discomfort to the user which will result in frustration as the delivery of a new LPG cylinder takes time. The LPG is coupled to the burner via a regulator that can Turn ON / OFF the flow of LPG to the burner. Also, fire accidents are unpredictable when there is a leakage from the LPG cylinder that may cause serious damage to people and property. In order to address the above issues, an Internet of Things (IoT) - based Monitoring and Management system is built to measure the level of LPG inside the cylinder and to turn off the regulator of the cylinder automatically when LPG leakage is detected.
 ? When the target combustible gas exists, the sensor conductivity increases along with the rising gas concentration. ? There are many existing systems which can detect leakage using different gas sensors. ? In all existing methods, different gas sensing technologies are used. However most of the accidents happen because of our negligence to not switch off the regulator. ? The detection of gases and its monitoring has already been done.
 ? Most of the analphabets are unable to complete the booking, and usually , these phone line telephones are moreover not reachable because of the overcrowded calls or else telephones that are not functioning because of about procedural problems. ? As we shortened the problems faced by consumers of LPG gas, we found some solution to meet the few requirements, as we finished our structure fully mechanize the refill reservation process without any human intervention. ? The other problem which is faced by the users of LPG cylinder is the untimely emptying of the cylinder.
 • The design of a sensor-based automatic gas leakage detector with an alert and control system has been proposed. • As safety and security is the most important factor we have proposed a LPG monitoring and gas leakage detection system. • The proposed system uses the Text Loacal API to alert the person about the gas leakage via SMS and status of cylinder. • The proposed system when successfully implemented can also be used in mines where gas sensors will detect leakage of toxic gases and can send a signal for the emergency evacuation of workers.
 ? The system is very efficient, user friendly, portable, small in size and cost effective. ? This is a low-cost, low power, lightweight, portable, safe, user friendly, efficient, multi featured and simple system device for detecting gas. ? It insures the security from the gas leakage and hazards. ? It is very less time consuming and cylinder replace in time. ? Easy implementation.
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