Abstract : Drowsiness in driving causes the major road accidents. Now a day’s drowsiness due to drunken driving is increasing. If driver is found to be drowsiness in eyes more than 5 secs, then the eye blink sensor senses the blink rate. If the eyes are found to be closed, then the speed of the car slows down. In our proposed system, along with drowsiness, alcohol detection is detected by using alcohol MQ3 sensor. If alcohol is detected in driver’s breathe, then the car slows down and also water level sensor and buzzer rings in case of less water. These sensors are interfaced with Node MCU .DC motor not run in case of alcohol detection drowsiness detection and speed of the car varies on detection of both cases.
 ? This paper approaches a system towards automobile safety with autonomous region based automatic car system. ? We propose three distinct concepts namely, a Drowsy Driver Detection system and vibrate to alert him. alcohol consumption detection system using MQ2 sensor when driver consume alcohol then the DC motor will not run. ? The proposed system is used to avoid various road accidents caused by drowsy driving, alcohol consumption during driving also this system used for security purpose of a driver to caution the driver if any of these state occurs
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