Abstract : The aim of our project is to design and fabricate a pneumatically operated tapping machine is called universal tapping machine. This device is operated by compressed air. It consists of the following main parts. 1. Barrel 2. Shaft 3. bearing 4. Couplings, etc. A high pressure compressed air is forced on a fan and the fan is made to rotate. This rotation is transmitted to the machining head by a shaft and the required operation (tapping) is carried out. So this pneumatically operated cylindrical tapping machine device is used for various operations with a less amount of investment.
 The pneumatically operated multi purpose device has many advantages. They are as follows: Low cost, so it can be used in small scale industries. Higher rate and quicker operations A number of operations like (drilling), screw driving, reaming etc., can be done. The nuts and bolts can be tightened to a particular pressure by operating the gate valve placed in the control unit and the pressure gauge. Both loosening and tightening is possible. Since there is air flow in both directions. The weight of the unit is less and can be easily handled. Efficient operation. Since if does not require any electricity for running.
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