Portable Stabilized Buoyancy Platform for aerial surveillance of large public arrangements

Abstract : Aerial security means performing security-aimed monitoring and surveillance operations with the help of airborne vehicles. This kind of activities suggest that human officers (security organizations, law enforcement, police etc.) would be able to remotely monitor and view video and data acquired from Drones while planning and evaluating their operations. The spectrum of applications where drones are used for security purposes is vast: scouting and reporting emergencies, monitoring accidents and crimes, surveillance of a certain landscape area, operating in highly busy and pedestrians as well as their tracking from up in the sky, and so on. The project will serve as a bridge to connect actual happening in areas that cannot be navigated easily by security personnel of corporate institution as the Drone will be used to hover and record the actual happening as it transmit to a ground station which records and analyses the events as they streams in, also due its capability of flying over different altitudes the drone can generally be used on areas with rugged terrains or over water bodies for a time dependent on its power capacity.
 ? They are also suitable for alternative power lines and in this case, these power lines can be hooked-up to possible existing electrified fences or lighting systems installed along the perimeter’s fence. ? The power poles can be attached to the already existing railway electric poles (on top or on exterior side). In case of border fences or electrified fences would be to use to install the power poles on the existing fencing infrastructure. ? However, the potential video surveillance applications are extremely exciting, especially in the public safety market.
 ? Visibility is often impaired for those inside the vehicles, making it difficult to see all possible threats ahead, behind, and to the side. Lack of visibility creates a significant danger from insurgents. ? Travel routes can span hundreds of miles where explosive detectors, bomb-sniffing dogs, or law enforcement is costly, but still does not guarantee complete safety. Improved visibility for individuals in the vehicles can help mitigate these external risks. ? The disadvantages to this battery are that these types of batteries are prone to overheating and overcharging the batteries could lead to fire.
 • The proposed project differs from the existing surveillance technology based on drones at maximum security zones by providing close to zero downtime. • The operational distance of the surveillance drones can be significantly increased by their transportation to the incident area (as close as possible) or, on a predefined route with their batteries fully charged. • The two proposed solutions to power the drone’s engines and to charge or keep its battery loaded.
 ? The landing gear induced vibrations that affects the gyro performance causing lateral motion thus disturbing the quadcopter motor, also the setting on PID caused a lot of vibration while the values of the pitch gain and roll values. ? The propellers used by the Drone are designed at an angle that will give 80% efficiency in cases where the wind speed is normal. ? The quadcopter design has become popular, though this layout is rarely used for manned aircraft.

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