Abstract : Bus provides eco-friendly, cheap, convenient, time-effective means of transportation. Bus lack regularization and management, due to which they increased the burden on public transportation system. Unusual and unexpected conditions on the roads affect the smooth operation of the bus system and the movement of vehicles. Problems faced by passengers such as traffic congestion, unexpected delays of buses, unorganised bus dispatching from depots takes place as a result of which passengers have to suffer a lot and they inevitably have to wait for arrival of buses. In present time, everyone is in hurry to reach their destination. In this situation, waiting for the buses in queue is not reliable. People who completely rely on the bus transportation, their major concern is to know the real time location of the bus, the time it will take to reach their bus stop, the information about the driver and the security. This information helps people in making better travelling decisions. This RFID-Based Bus Management System is useful, accurate, secure and flexible. In this Global Positioning System (GPS) and Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID) is used for obtaining the location of bus and information about passengers and driver. The paper aims at developing a real-time RFID-Based Bus Management System which focuses on providing convenience and safety to the passengers. The system will be working as an integrated function of RFID and GPS which will maintain the detailed information about passengers and bus. The main objective of this system is to develop flexible, user friendly and secure bus management system that caters the needs of passengers.
 • In the existing system Colleges have to manually maintain information regarding College busses and routes. • Information relating to student details and bus passes have to be maintained separately. • Provide a simpler method to store and access information related to buses and students. • Provide a simple interface which will be easily used without much training. • Reduce paperwork and make all related information accessible easily. • Bus management system is used for the purpose of tracking, this is done by the help of GPS. • In the existing system only admin can track the location of the buses. • The admin who has rights can only access this system. • In this existing system the admin receive the message about the condition of buses, the travelling speed of the bus and the system sends the message when the bus is delayed and cancelled due to various reasons. • All this functions are accessed only by the admin not by the students, faculties or others.
 • It allows the user to select from list of event types. Events Management System is very helpful for events. • This application being as a platform to know the events, to apply for the events. Event organizer is an application under project management for managing festivals or social events like gathering, colleges, events, conferences etc. • To understand use of this application consider the flow of actions happening, by this application user can register the students, after registering, user can login, after login, event details including name ,contact, address, venue of the event, date, event conducting time, cost of events etc. After receiving SMS student can register through application. • Students and faculties are not able to track the bus. • The students and faculties don’t know the changed bus when their travelling bus is stopped. • No proper scheduling. • No information about routes. • Non availability and delays of bus. • No proper safety of passengers.
 • The Bus Management System is a desktop system aimed at students, college administration to maintain bus facility. The system takes student information as input source and attempts to maintain the bus services. • It allows flexibility during these processes.The system generates exhaustive reports related to the Bus Management i.e. Fees paid, dues, rout no. & bus stop. • The reports highlight various bus services and features of the bus, which can be subjected to improvements especially for the college administration to improve bus transport system. • The system requires comparatively small amount of resources such as memory, input/output devices and disk space. • Our system handles all the data like current location of bus, management of buses, its schedule and security of passengers. • Some technologies like GPS, RFID are used for development purpose. • College transportation especially buses are not scheduled properly and not reach the destination bus stops with in time. • This system is used to determine the location of vehicle and its information (Speed, Distance travelled, Location etc…). • We also provide the information of buses, students, faculties who are using college transportation. In this proposed system everyone can access the system.
 • Develop software such that everybody working in college’s bus management can handle easily. Trainer can store & retrieve data easily. And hence, keeping these major target segments in focus, the system was developed. • The economic factors were also worked out keeping the target segments into focus. The objective of developing a tool for technical as well as non-technical user hence got achieved • Students and faculties can track the bus. • They can see the alternate or changed bus when their travelling bus is stopped.

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