Smartphone based Real-Time Asst Tracking and Monitoring

Abstract : Today, the growth of technology is rapid and provides all necessary and effective solutions for the requirements. One of the most important areas of concern is security. In this scenario, IOT Asset tracking system is developed to increase the safety of women, children, people with mental disorder and any valuable items through the technology of Radio Frequency along with IOT. Radio Frequency module consists of transmitter and receiver. The transmitter is placed with the object to be tracked which sends radio waves to the receiver. If the object being tracked moves out of frequency range, an alert message and call will be sent to specified guardians through Global System for Mobile communication. Further the location of the object can be tracked whenever required through Global Positioning System. In addition, sound and vibration sensors are used to sense human behavior like loud voice and movement of human body. If the sensor reading exceeds threshold value, messages are sent to specified mobile numbers. The frequency range between transmitter and receiver and location of assets are displayed in Thing Speak which is an open-source IOT platform.
 The wide spread of mobiles as handheld devices leads to various innovative applications that makes use of their ever-increasing presence in our daily life. One such application dislocation-tracking and monitoring.
 ? This project supports the Android OS platform only and makes communication with the tracker through SMS messages only. ? The architecture, security and accuracy of the tracking unit itself are beyond the scope of this project.
 This paper proposes a prototype model for location tracking using Geographical Positioning System (GPS) and Global System for Mobile Communication technology. The system displays the object moving path on the monitor and the same information can also be communicated to the user cell phone, on demand of the user by asking the specific information via SMS. This system is very useful for car theft situations, for adolescent drivers being watched and monitored by parents. The result shows that the object is being tracked with minimal tracking error.
 ? This system has also another facility to monitor the path along which the device moves. This is optional, when the user wants, to see the path it receives the entire information from the GPS antenna otherwise it only receives the desired information. ? The tracking system can also be very useful for Intelligent Transportation System.

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