Hybrid Cryptography and Stenography Healthcare Application

Abstract : This paper presents a technique for secret communication using Cryptography and Steganography. In this paper, the secret message of different size is hidden into an image for making the system more secure. The only authorized users can hide and extract the secret message. The secret messages of different size are used to test the system and the system satisfies all requirements of Steganography. The hybrid approach of Steganography and Cryptography makes the communication secured and it is difficult for the attacker to detect the secret message.
 The existing methods such as DES, 3DES, RC2, RC4, RC6, RSA and BLOWFISH are much efficient methods for audio encryption. These techniques are applied on audio data, for securely transmitting audio data over the network. Total Data Encryption Standard (DES), total Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and selective AES encryption techniques are applied on the quantized audio data. A comparison between these encryption techniques is discussed by calculating the time consumption as well as SNR values. Experimental results demonstrate that the time consumption for selective AES encryption on MP3 compression is less than total AES and DES encryption techniques on MP3 compression. So, the selective encryption technique is better than total DES and AESencryption techniques as it takes less time with degradation of signal that is inaudible to the unauthorized users, that the selective AES encryption technique is better than the other two encryption techniques. RSA is asymmetric encryption technique. RSAtechnique is used for the encryption and decryption on the lower frequency bands because all the frequency regions do not participate equally in the communication. After applying the encryption on different frequency bands, it is observed that, the encryption on the lower frequency band is more effective than the higher one.
 • Existing methods do not combat with higher frequency band audio. • Existing methods need very large time encryption and decryption. • Encrypted audio file is not much secure from existing methods as it is very easy for intruder to break the algorithm. • Existing methods requires only single key for encryption and decryption which reduces the security level.
 During transferring the data, the attacker can know that there is some confidential information by using cryptography. So it is easy for the attacker to make modification to secret message. In order to overcome this problem a model is proposing below. In this model, image steganography is used for hiding the secret message into a carrier file so that the attacker cannot feel the presence of the secret message in it and in this way the transmission will be secured.
 • The proposed system is user friendly and anyone with basic computer knowledge can use the system without any difficulties. • The system can be extended to different types of files like Audio, Video ,etc. also it can be applied to different formats of files.

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