Agro Bidding - A Smart Dynamic System for Enhancement of Farmer’s Lifestyle

Abstract : In this project, an online auction system is presented. It has a very large potential market of sellers and buyers. An On Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) database model structure is, therefore, desirable. The project involves the design and implementation of an online auction system. The analysis stage is performed first for the case study. Project begins by analyzing and presenting the OLTP database model for the online auction house. Besides, the intention to establish what goes on operationally within the online auction house. It also defines the layout in android application. In which many number of bidders bids the auction and final the auction won will store the result of the winning bidder details. And finally the shipment process will carried out.
 The existing system was an automated system. But it was inefficient in meeting the growing the demands of the public. In manual auction the day of auction, venue and the items for auctions are told to the general public through electronic or print media. The people who wish to take part in the auction should first register himself and then arrive at the venue of the auction on the given date and time.
 Where they link with local farmers & suppliers, and it assists in decreasing inventory price.
 Our proposed work will be a Mobile Application using which the bidders (buyers) and the sellers (farmers) have to deal everything from their Mobiles from any continent and they don’t need to go anywhere. This app will be available for all the general public, dealers, farmers, and others on Android based mobiles. People from across the continent can participate in this auction. Anyone can access this App and Search/Bid for the products uploaded by farmers, sellers There will be full transparency User validation and checkingOurproposed system will be an Android Application where the bidders (buyers) and the sellers(farmers) have to deal everything from their computers from any continent and they don’t need to go anywhere. It has made the auction process simple. The users of the system will be: Sellers, Buyers, Administrator.
 Time: Bidding is totally a time-based process. The bidding is a limited with subject to time constraints. Due to non-perish ability of the stock, the time constraints would also be there for delivery. Also, the delivery would be done the next day of the bidding process after the stock would be selected. Convenience: Convenience has been considered the greatest goal of any business after profits. The system is convenient throughout and is accessible to the customers, farmers and the mediators as well. Convenience is one of the major factors that would let customers to buy stock online from farmers. Convenience is the change what will be brought here through our project and is the new innovation here. The new convenience here is convenience through the farmers selling and delivering the stock to the customers online.

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