Waste Management System

Abstract : This Waste management is one of the serious challenges of the cities, the system now used in cities, we continue to use an old and outmoded paradigm that no longer serves the entail of municipalities, Still find over spilled waste containers giving off irritating smells causing serious health issues and atmosphere impairment. The Smart Waste Management System will simplify, with the Web applications and mobile phone, the solid and hydric waste inspecting process, and the management system of this presentation's total collection process. The proposed system is a GPS based. The suggested device and implementation will track waste storage and monitor the vehicle's waste driver. This method helps to make the customer aware of accountability behind the job such as the system for solid waste inspection and management, integrating communications technology for truck control systems such as GPS.
 ? Existing system of collection, storage, transportation, processing, treatment and disposal of waste and proposed system of collection, transportation and process of treatment and disposal, fully justifying the process adopted including in-house facility of maintenance and repair if available in ULB. ? Mechanism of operation and maintenance of equipment and machinery and its upkeep, preventive maintenance on regular basis for existing and proposed equipment and machinery. ? Improvements can be made on the existing functional elements by the addition of transport and processing.
 ? The problem of waste management is getting worse day by day. The attention to this problem needs to be addressed to avoid further problems and issues in society. ? The dustbins and waste are not getting tracked, sometimes the garbage in the bins gets to above the point, where it blemishes outside the garbage pail and open out in whole areas and causes so many health issues to the citizens. ? The basic features like tracking of the garbage collector vehicle, bins garbage collection level and the complaints for any issues raised by the society people through App.
 • Designs and drawing of proposed Solid Waste Management System including sanitary landfill / waste processing plants should be included in the DPR. • This purpose, regular meetings at quarterly intervals shall be arranged by the municipal authorities with representatives of local resident welfare associations and non-governmental organizations. • It shall be the responsibility of generator of wastes to avoid littering and ensure delivery of wastes in accordance with the collection and segregation system to be notified by the municipal authority as per para 1 of this Schedule.
 ? Efforts should be directed towards making projections far ahead in order to ensure that new and existing settlements are adequately planned so as to accommodate possible increase in the volume of waste generation in future. ? This may create a perpetual communicable disease transmission condition outweighing the advantage of waste reuse. ? This inevitably places an enormous strain on natural resources and seriously undermines efficient and sustainable development.

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