Abstract : About 33,000 people die because the ambulance cannot reach them in time. It is not necessary that when you call an ambulance, the nearest ambulance will reach you. The paper describe a model to track the nearest free ambulance in the area using global positioning system and bring it to the person in distress. The GPS device continuously moves with the ambulance and will calculate the co-ordinate of each position and can be obtained whenever required by the server. Hence it can track the nearest ambulance and bring it to the person in distress.
 ? In this system the patient or third person can call to toll free number and they are assigning driver to attend the patient. ? In this scenario there is waste of time happens while conversation and also there is big issue to find location of patient, high way and interior place is very tough to find patient location. In this situation the patient may have trouble. ? In existing system owner use to get SMS from tracking device, which did not provide the exact location of tracked vehicle. But it didn’t provide the exact location of the tracked vehicle. ? So as to overcome this system author made a solution. As per the observation existing system provides only some features like SMS services and tracking user location. ? The contribution which author made was like locating multiple vehicles location on Google Map. ? This will enhance the user with complete information about his organization vehicle location. ? This will be useful for organization to easily track their vehicles. And help the organization to Bann the illegal activities performed by the vehicle carrier.
 ? Three way communication may take miscommunication ? Location of patient not exact to find ? Not timely precaution
 • Modules work on the principle of IoT with the help of REST APIs. • First module is used to find locations of ambulances within the 5km radius from user’s location. • Also the same module is used to find hospitals and their services within radius of 10km of user’s current location. Here user’s location is traced using GPS hardware device. • The location is retrieved in the form of double value as latitude and longitude. • This is the format of the latitude and longitude. • This location is transmitted to the server by executing POST request. • Depending on the user’s location, server processes the data and matches with records stored into the database. • After processing of such data the result of user’s query is sent back to the user in form of JSON format.
 ? It’s beneficial for the users in case of emergencies as it saves time which gets consumed in searching for the ambulance by other means. ? Information about the hospitals provided helps in getting the appropriate hospital which is suitable for the patient’s treatment. ? Sending patient’s health information to the hospitals helps the hospital staff to get things ready required for the treatment. Here the patient need not to wait in any case. ? Hospitals information is directly provided through maps and hence there is no need to visit the particular hospital’s website for information.

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