Innovative Approach for PMM Data Processing and Analytics

Abstract : ALTEC defined and developed a framework with the main aim to process a big amount of data allowing a seamless connection between the collected information and the analyses performed by end users.This is the ASDP environment, that allows to organize data in the most adapt domain data store in order to have data ready for complex analyses. In particular, the PMM module of the ISS is a reference case for the survey on framework capabilities for telemetry data management. The main objective is to demonstrate the advantages achievable through the application of new data analysis methodologies and tools after data organization through ASDP capabilities.
 ? The proposed data quality assurance checks include the identification of missing and erroneous values, inconsistencies in the frequency of data collection, filtering of nighttime measurements, identification of duplicate records, detection of underperformance (by comparing outputs of similar subarrays), detection of outlying and poor data from equipment malfunction (based on nearby sensor data or clear-sky models), and treatment of missing values (e.g., with averaged values or modeled data). ? Even though the data processing procedure holistically provides information on how to detect invalid data, it does not provide details on treating the identified invalid datasets, nor does it explicitly define how to handle missing data.
 ? The activities carried out by the Operations team are mainly related to the monitoring of the performance of the whole module, internal coordination and information exchange between all PMM Engineering Support Team positions. ? The PMM Operations team is also responsible for these specific tasks: ? Review and assess the flight products and change requests; ? Provide operational and technical support to the preparations of the PMM nominal and not-nominal operations; ? Inform the PMM subsystems engineering about open task and/or anomalies; ? Attend the daily tag-up meeting with all the MER team members and International Partners to discuss the status and issues of the entire ISS.
 ? This paper is to explore how PMM models and practices should be transformed to be resilient and reflect advances in the digital economies. ? To conduct a literature review on PMM, and its potential transformation to reflect changes within digital economies ? To explore practitioner thoughts on how PMM has or should be transformed to improve efficacy ? To propose a supplement to the existing frameworks for measuring business performance in light of advances with-in the digital economies
 ? One of the daily tasks performed by the PMM Operations team is to monitor the PMM Subsystems performance via telemetry check. ? The telemetry data are available all day long thanks to the ISS High Rate Communication System upgrade, as part of the Obsolescence Driven Avionics Redesign program. ? It is interesting to perform basic statistical analyses on size, frequency, periodicity and duration of these spikes, eventually averaging inside some time windows. ? In fact, obtained results help the team to analyze a wide amount of data on a quite long time range, enabling a deeper understanding of CFA equipment and foreseeing long-term performances.

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