Efficient Mining Cluster Selection for Block chain-Based Cellular V2X Communications

Abstract : Cellular vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication is expected to herald the age of autonomous vehicles in the coming years.With the integration of block chain in such networks, information of all granularity levels, from complete blocks to individual transactions, would be accessible to vehicle sat any time.Specifically, the block chain technology is expected to improve the security, immutability, and decentralization of cellular V2X communication through smart contract and distributed ledgers.Although block chain-based cellular V2X networks hold promise, many challenges need to be addressed to enable the future interoperability and accessibility of such large-scale platforms. One such challenge is the offloading of mining tasks in cellular V2X networks. While transportation authorities may try to balance the network mining load, the vehicles may select the nearest mining clusters to offload a task.This may cause congestion and disproportionate use of vehicular network resources . To address this issue, we propose a game-theoretic approach for balancing the load at mining clusters while maintaining fairness among offloading vehicles. Keeping in mind the low-latency requirements of vehicles, we consider a finite channel block length transmission which is more practical compared to the use of infinite block length codes. The simulation results obtained with our proposed offloading framework show improved performance over the conventional nearest mining cluster selection technique.
 ? Blockchain is a technology that leverages the subtle interaction of multiple data structures and incentive mechanisms. ? The integration of block chain with cellular vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications is expected to revolutionize intelligent transportation systems (ITSs), in terms of enriched travel experiences, on-road safety services, and transportation efficiency ? Generally speaking, the V2X communication enabled by a cellular infrastructure is known as cellular V2X and encompasses the inter-vehicle (V2V) communications, vehicle-to-pedestrian (V2P) communications, and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications
 ? The efficient architecture of block chain and the cooperative/interactive nature of cellular V2X communications can solve various resource-related issues. ? Blockchain-based cellular V2X communications can also overcome the conventional resource-constrained barriers and can improve real-time exchange of information, spectrum allocation, and mobile offloading. ? we aim to identify the performance limits of vehicular communications in finite block length regime and propose a solution to address the mining task offloading problem for block chain-enabled V2X communications.
 ? Performance analysis and the evaluation of vehicular communications were some of the key areas of interest for researchers initially. ? Some of these studies focused on the deterministic evaluation of performance while others focused on the wireless channel characterization for inter-vehicle communications . ? We propose a game-theoretic solution to balance the computation load at the mining cluster. ? The solution also ensures that all the offloading vehicles offload their task fairly. ? The simulation results show performance improvements over the conventional nearest cluster selection approach
 ? These values are selected for illustrating the performance of the proposed offloading framework and can change depending on the communication conditions. ? The major reason for the poor performance of the nearest mining cluster approach is because the offloading vehicles closer to the mining cluster can offload more data which quickly results in saturation in the cluster ? They proposed a novel algorithm that can be used to offload the data to Open Flow switches.

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