Abstract : This report deals with design and fabrications of pneumatic multipurpose presses which is used for bearings pressing of robots in the shaft, bearing removing, sheet metal bending and bend removing with the help of a compressor. Initially the shaft is held between two fixtures; top of the bearing is freely located on the step in the shaft and the other one is placed on the bottom fixture. As one of the bearing is compressed, both the bearings are inserted in the shaft simultaneously as the top fixture moves down wards. Similarly bending and bend removing process also occurred. The pneumatic multipurpose press is used for fixing the bearings in the shaft by holding the shaft between two fixtures. One of the fixtures is movable and the other is fixed. The principle of operation is the same as the conventional simple press. The difference is only in the type of drive and the type of fixtures used.
 ? The design of pneumatic components are relatively simple and they are highly suitable to use in automatic control systems. ? Elements of pneumatic systems are less affected by various environmental parameters like high temperature, dust corrosion as compared to the elements of other systems. ? Pneumatic systems works on compressed air thus the operation of pneumatic systems do not produce pollutants. ? Speeds and pressure are can be easily adjusted by simple controlling devices. The volume of air and pressure of air can be adjusted by pressure regulator.
 • Initial cost is high • Cylinder stroke length is constant • Need a separate compressor
 • The pneumatic multipurpose machine works on the compressed air with the help of pneumatic double acting cylinder. • The piston rod is connected to the various attachment with the help of locknut and threads, to produced movement and cutting tool. • Compressor tank can be produced in various shapes depending on the purpose and size of compressor like horizontal, vertical, twin tank etc. • Compressor can be stationery or portable as pre requirement. • This machine is portable in size and that’s why it is easily transportable from one place to another.
 • It reduces the manual work • It reduces the production time • Uniform application of the load gives perfect fitting of the bearing. • Damages to the bearing due to the hammering is prevented • It occupies less floor space • Less skilled operator is sufficient.

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