Abstract : This is the new innovative concept mainly used for agricultural field. It is simple in construction and the working process is easy. And it is mostly used in the agricultural field for the cutting of crops etc.., In our project we are using the portable cutting for to cutting the crops in the field. It consists of simple manner and the using components are motor and gear arrangement witch fixing of cutting tool. Here the motor is working using with the help of electric power supply; on the motor shaft we are fixing the arrangement of bearing system for the smooth rotation of shaft. On the below of the shaft is fixed the gear arrangement with the attachment of cutting blade for to cutting the crops. When the motor to start running the shaft is rotate and it’s rotating the gear arrangement with attach of cutting blade and the cutting process is carrying out by this machine.
 ? In a manual process the crop cutting is done with the blade hampering on the crop or sack containing the crop or with the help of rotary equipment which is very tedious work. ? The weight of the process unit the kinematic entities of different links the reaction force offered due to cutting force will be use for the estimation of load torque, in fact this load torque becomes useful for the estimation of demand power. ? This demand power will be useful in to ascertain the dimension of various components associated with the machine by obtaining design dimensions of components’ fabrication will be done at last trials will be taken to ascertain viability.
 ? More Noise ? More vibration
 • A proposed solution over the present state of art is being explained through this article. • A solution is the evolution of the unique machine, which would run with the help of human power. • This CAD software provides the tools needed to perform modeling of different parts of the proposed machine efficiently and free from tedious and time consuming task.
 • Less power consumption • Can be run by solar energy and electric energy • Portable in size, hence can be carried out everywhere • Fabrication is simple hence Less in construction cost • Portable in two direction. • Reliable. • Low cost. • No need of manual rotation.

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