Mechanism to effectively track and capture Attendance at work sites for MGNREGS workers using IRIS based attendance monitoring system

Abstract : Attendance management is the act of managing attendance or presence in a work setting, which maximizes and motivates employee attendance thereby minimizing loss. Not only does it affect productivity, it can cost the company profits or even additional contracts. For the industrial sector attendance management system can develop alacrity among the workers to work regularly and also help them to motivate their co- worker to attend work regularly. Fingerprints are considered to be the best and fastest method for biometric identification. They are secure to use, unique for every person and do not change in one's lifetime. Fingerprint recognition is a mature field to-day, but still identifying individual from a set of enrolled fingerprints is a time taking process. This paper illustrates improvement of attendance management system based on fingerprint identification for implementation on large databases e.g. of an industry or a garments factory etc. In this project, many new algorithms have been used e.g. gender estimation, key based one to many matching, removing boundary minutiae. Using these new algorithms a new attendance management system has been developed which is faster and cheaper in implementation than any other available today in the market.
 ? This database model will be compatible with existing Government databases and will be useful for syncing with the officer’s phone. ? Biometric personal authenticcation uses data taken from measurements. Such data is unique to the individual and remains so throughout one’s life. ? This technology has been applied for controlling access to high-security facilities, but it is now being widespread developed in information systems such as network, e-commerce, and retail applications.
 ? This system based biometrics and wireless technique solves the problem of spurious attendance and the trouble of laying the corresponding network. ? The problem of reasonably, effectively and scientifically managing of staff attendances has become all companies facing issue. ? The solution addresses this problem statement by using Iris recognition based biometric technology.
 • The basic requirement of the proposed system is an iris sensor camera android phone which will run the application • Our system primarily focuses on building an efficient and user friendly Android mobile application of Attendance Monitoring for MGNREGS workers. The application will be installed on the official’s phone. • The basic requirement for the proposed system is an android device, which will run the application, with the help of which the official will record the attendance of the workers through biometric verification Iris sensor.
 ? The performance of this system meets the needs of daily attendance management in various enterprises and institutions. It has good market prospects. ? It can be in contact with salary of employee, work efficiency of corporation and even affects business image of company and staff morale. ? The great advantage of the authentication using iris recognition is the irreplaceable nature. Through the analysis of the overall and local characteristics of iris recognition such as eyelid, sclera, pupil, we can extract enough detail data.

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