Voice controlled vehicle

Abstract : This project was developed in a way that the robot is controlled by voice commands. An android application with a microcontroller is used for required tasks. The connection between the android app and the vehicle is facilitated with Bluetooth technology. The robot is controlled by buttons on the application or by spoken commands of the user. The movement of the robot is facilitated by the two dc servo motors connected with microcontroller at the receiver side. The commands from the application is converted in to digital signals by the Bluetooth RF transmitter for an appropriate range (about 100 meters) to the robot. At the receiver end the data gets decoded by the receiver and is fed to the microcontroller which drives the DC motors for the necessary work. The aim of Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle is to perform the required task by listening to the commands of the user. A prior preparatory session is needed for the smooth operation the robot by the user. For the same a code is used for giving instruction to the controller.
 ? The Existing system is a speech recognizing system. Speech recognition is the process of capturing spoken words using a microphone or telephone and converting them into a digitally stored set of words. ? The quality of a speech recognition systems are assessed according to two factors: its accuracy (error rate in converting spoken words to digital data) and speed (how well the software can keep up with a human speaker). ? If you have ever paid a bill over the phone using an automated system, you have probably benefited from speech recognition software.
 ? Even the best speech recognition systems sometimes make errors. If there is noise or some other sound in the room (e.g. the television or a kettle boiling), the number of errors will increase. ? Speech Recognition works best if the microphone is close to the user (e.g. in a phone, or if the user is wearing a microphone). More distant microphones (e.g. on a table or wall) will tend to increase the number of errors. ? In Speech recognition system, there is a possibility of unauthorized usage. Since this doesn’t depends upon which person is speaking. No password protection.
 • The proposed system is basically based on Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle helps to control robot through voice commands received via android application. • While speech recognition is the process of converting speech to digital data, voice recognition is aimed toward identifying the person who is speaking. • Voice recognition works by analyzing the features of speech that differ between individuals.
 ? It can be developed into a real-world vehicle tor transportation purposes. ? The robotic vehicle can be used where humans find difficult to reach but human voice reaches like in a small pipeline, in fire situations, in highly toxic areas Etc. ? It can be integrated with wheelchairs for assisting disabled persons. ? It can be used to bring and place small objects. In military applications such as observation of enemy camp using cameras.

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