Vehicle number recognition by using existing general surveillance cameras

Abstract : Traffic control and vehicle owner identification has become major problem in every country. Sometimes it becomes difficult to identify vehicle owner who violates traffic rules and drives too fast. Therefore, it is not possible to catch and punish those kinds of people because the traffic personal might not be able to retrieve vehicle number from the moving vehicle because of the speed of the vehicle. Therefore, there is a need to develop Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system as a one of the solutions to this problem. There are numerous ANPR systems available today. These systems are based on different methodologies but still it is really challenging task as some of the factors like high speed of vehicle, non-uniform vehicle number plate, language of vehicle number and different lighting conditions can affect a lot in the overall recognition rate. Most of the systems work under these limitations. In this paper, different approaches of ANPR are discussed by considering image size, success rate and processing time as parameters. Towards the end of this paper, an extension to ANPR is suggested.
 ? Many image processing techniques are existing to detect vehicle number plates such as segmentation, edge detection, color code-based techniques, feature-based techniques, and machine learning techniques. ? The existing methods for the identification and recognition of vehicle license plates have been classified based on accuracy. ? They have enhanced the existing blurred and obscure image method. They believed that their suggested method effectively detects the number plate of the vehicle under various lighting conditions.
 ? They tackled this problem by promoting the whole image as a contribution to ConvNet, sliding windows could not access the whole image context. ? They argued that their proposed approach effectively recovers the image issues of the low-quality license plate and identifies the character successfully. ? They also combined a new de-noising and rectification approach conducted by CNN that focuses on jointly solving both problems.
 • In, to detect license plate candidate region verification process is proposed. It consists of verification of lower part, upper part and vertical border. • The authors proposed image scissoring algorithm in which a number plate is vertically scanned and scissored at the row where there is no white pixel and this information is stored in the matrix. • The method proposed in consists of three steps: character categorization, topological sorting and self organizing (SO) recognition.
 ? The algorithm gives better performance and it is very useful for automated image analysis. ? The objective is to design an efficient automatic authorized vehicle identification system by using the vehicle number plate. ? ANPR can be used in many areas from speed enforcement and tool collection to management of parking lots, etc. ? It can also be used to detect and prevent a wide range of criminal activities and for security control of a highly restricted areas like military zones or area around top government offices.

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