Statistics and Monitoring Web Application to capture Online

Abstract : The Telkomsel's RAFI/NARU dashboard problem in Sumbagsel Regional that was built with the LAMP web platform model caused a lag when page loading in the web browser, and blinking when the page refreshed and lacks support for the mobile roadmap. Therefore, this paper will design an alternative real time dashboard for monitoring the Telkomsel's RAFI/NARU networks by implementing the Change Data Capture and the Web Application Messaging Protocol, so that it can improve the performance of the dashboard from the request-reply paradigm to push paradigm and from HTTP to the ‘publish & subscribe’ on the web socket. The test results show that the presentation of data on the RAFI/NARU dashboard can occur in in real time, push paradigm, and event-driven without page refresh or page reloading, without lag when page loading in the web browser, even this dashboard can also be applied in a mobile environment by using the Angular framework javascript.
 ? Most existing policies (including self-regulatory policies) impose restrictions on marketing aimed at younger children, but teenagers are heavily targeted by brands in social media. ? This would potentially lead to more extensive use of subscriptions, which could widen existing inequalities in access, disenfranchising those unable to afford the additional costs and resulting in loss of the benefits of online access. ? It could also be of benefit to select countries with existing legislation that could be supplemented by the Proposed Policy Prerequisites.
 ? There are also significant inefficiencies and flaws in the structure of the current ecosystem that cause problems for brands and publishers themselves. ? Programmatic marketing is particularly problematic because it continues to deliver marketing of unhealthy products to children. ? The increasing number of voluntary efforts by industry, exposure to the marketing of unhealthy foods remains a major issue demanding change that will protect all children equally.
 • The proposed architecture provides a simple solution for monitoring electronic data collection operations, particularly in cases where the technical and financial resources to implement such a system from the ground up are lacking. • This data is proposed to be used by visualization and analytics modules, that are under preparation, at the DMC. • Through NISE consultations it is concluded that NISE will dedicate physical space for the ancillary infrastructure for visualization and monitoring purposes.
 ? Performance disruptions (lag) when page loading on a web browser, due to maximum TCP concurrent connection limitations per host on the same domain. ? The easiest and most efficient way to track data changes in a MySQL database is to use binary logs (MySQL binlogs). ? The binary logs approach is used for real time systems because it is more effective, efficient and superior compared to database trigger methods and CDC-pull, especially in the speed of capture process, dynamic data source, host to host, and accuracy.

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