Smart helmet to find distance of vehicle

Abstract : There are many countries enforcing a regulation that requires the bike rider to wear a helmet when riding on their bike. With this reason, this project is specially developed as to improve the safety of the bike rider. The impact when bike involves in a high speed accident without wearing a helmet is very dangerous and can cause fatality. Wearing a helmet can reduce shock from the impact and may save a life. An alcohol detection sensor and ultrasonic sensor is used for detection of the rider's head and alcohol content. The module is connected to compression discharge ignition unit of bike engine. Arduino uno is a microcontroller used to control the entire component in the system. Only when the rider buckled the helmet then only the bike engine will start. A LED will flash if the helmet is weared and alcohol content is not detected.
 ? This prototype uses sensors to detect a crash or accidents and the communication hardware is used to automatically dial a predefined emergency contact. ? The other existing system is to control the speed in which the biker is going in. ? The helmet is fixed with all the components and sensors that read the speed of the bike and accordingly instruct the rider to reduce or increase the speed based on the obstacles ahead the bike.
 ? Rider does not wear helmet in regions where traffic checking is not done. ? Testing alcohol content present in blood in each individual rider in big countries like India is impossible. ? Difficulty of implementation of traffic rules by traffic police. ? These types of alarming incidents /accidents we have designed a helmet which will provide solutions for all the above mention problems.
 • The engine of the bike can start only if the rider has buckle up helmet. • It will send the flag value to arduino. MQ-3 sensor is used for these. When these two conditions are satisfied then ignition will start. The third main issue is accident and late medical help. • Around every second people die due to late medical help or the accident place is unmanned. For this we develop an android application. The application is installed on the smartphone. • In fall detection, if mobile shakes higher than the threshold value , the application will send message to predefined contact numbers.
 ? Several advantages over the existing methods of accident detection and notification systems that rely heavily on the data collected from cellular devices of the drivers. ? Detection of accident in remote area can be easily detected and medical services provided in short time. ? Simply avoiding drunken drive by using alcohol detector. it will reduces the probability of accident. ? Operates on solar as well as battery supply. If helmet was stolen then we can start the bike by the password.

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