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Abstract : The purpose of the study is to determine the specifics of housing construction at various stages of its evolutionary development in the context of the needs of the population in socially acceptable housing conditions. The methodological basis of the study is systematic, abstract-logical approaches and economic-statistical analysis. The main results are presented by the substantiation of the main stages of the development of housing construction, its technological and economic features in different socio-economic conditions, as well as the identification of trends in the development of this area in Ukraine, taking into account the housing needs of the population and the real possibilities of the economic system for their satisfaction. The emphasis is on maintaining the relevance of the housing problem in the country for a long time, the limited resource base on this and the uncertainty of the prospects for resolution due to the complex socio-political situation in the country and its regions. The global experience of financing housing construction is generalized, its elements are substantiated, acceptable for Ukraine. Recommendations for the further development of the sphere of housing construction, taking into account the achievements of the countries of the world, are described.
 ? The government, planner, industries, policymakers need to work together in reviewing the existing policies and establishing appropriate programs that help the nations to have their own house with reasonable price. ? This phenomenon will lead to more demolition of existing and vacant structures and to a lot of waste of resources. ? The existing supply doesn’t ecstatically and functionally match the changed demand and in most cases transformation is functionally and financially not feasible.
 ? The main objective of the sphere of housing construction was to satisfy the interests of private developers in obtaining super-profits, ignoring the real financial capacity of the population to solve their own housing problems. ? Actual development problems of housing construction are presented in scientific publications of domestic and foreign scientists, considering it from methodologically different positions. ? It was during this period that local conditions and traditions had a more significant impact on the construction than during the slave period.
 • This paper proposes an architectural way of thinking, instead of a guide to design. • The traditional living room hearth is the perfect example of such human conditioning. Its physical purpose is to warm its occupants but its psychological ability to incite a sense of ambience becomes the primary impact on its space. • Although this could be considered as an expected result due to all elements being designed to fit the user, this in no way detracts from its outcome, but instead highlights the entire purpose of the modulus.
 ? The construction of ecotourism is based on an integrated combination of state-ofthe-art technologies and environmental protection requirements based on energy efficiency. ? In addition to the efficient use of environmentally friendly building materials and alternative energy sources, this type of construction is oriented towards the fullest possible disposal of waste. ? Their experience is useful to Ukraine in terms of efficiency and transparency of state regulation of this sphere, primarily mortgage lending.

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