Mechanism to help rural people to self select for receiving benefit offered under Govt. scheme

Abstract : Rural development is a very dynamic process which includes in improving the socio-economic, political, environmental, and well-being of the poor people living in rural areas. In India more than 70 percent people living in rural areas, the concept of rural development assume great significance. The Molakalmuru taluk is one of the most backward taluk in Chitradurga district these areas have been facing so many problems like unemployment, poverty, lack of skills, illiteracy, and basic infrastructure health care common trend here. The present study is focused on the Socio-Economic status of Self-Help Group on rural development, and to study impact of Self-help Group on rural development in Molakalmuru taluk. The present paper it is based on primary and secondary sources of information.
 ? Reorienting existing establishments and organizations in order to protect the interest of the bad constructing up of appropriate organizations of the rural negative specially to protect them from the exploitation. ? In this regard, the following hypothesis formed to measure the significance difference if exist. ? There is no significant impact exists of Gender basis on perceptions regarding Government schemes for rural development in sundergarh. There is significant impact exists on the gender perception wise.
 ? The NABARD Self-help group means twenty or less people from a homogenous class who are willing to come together for talking their common problem. ? To mitigate the Problem of unemployment and under employment, the role of women should not only be confined to generate employment, but also to provide employment to others. ? They have to undertake entrepreneurial activities to create additional wealth for the nation and to solve the problem of unemployment and poverty.
 • The propose study is the explorative having the main objectives are to evaluate the government sponsored schemes introduced by the both central and state government from time to time. • In the proposed study KMO is larger than required value, hence the data under construct is fit for the factor analysis and would be considered as the right techniques for interpret correlation matrix. • The factor analysis we have found that 61 percentage of the variables explained to the propose study especially for the rural empowerment.
 ? This study was also focused to understand the role performance of SHGs and women empowerment. ? Many women have proved that they are more efficient than men in contributing to the growth of the economy. ? The main strategy of the research work is that to analysis in such a way that I will get the right perceptions of the beneficiaries of the government sponsor schems and its performance track. ? All the efficiency of the SHG performance is better than others parameters.

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