IoT-based Smart Heart Attack Detection and Heart Rate Monitor

Abstract : This paper is intended to monitor Heart beat with android application which is used to measure the heart beat of different persons. It is built using Android Studio. It may also include the different modules based on the software specification, system requirement, hardware requirement and disk space.
 ? It uses data smoothing in an Integer array to figure out the average red pixel value in the image. ? Once it figures out the average it determines a heartbeat when the average red pixel value in the latest image is greater than the smoothed average. ? Wearable’s with optical heart-rate monitors have small LEDs on their undersides that shines green light onto the skin on your wrist.
 ? It can produce annoying or corrupt your data. ? This method has disadvantages like inaccurate results, hectic wired connections over the body.
 • The proposed system have eminence of detecting heart attack with help of observing heart rate based on internet of thing. Our method uses a pulse sensor, Arduino board and a Wi-Fi module. • After setting up the system, the pulse sensor will start sensing heart rate readings and will display the heartbeat of person on LCD screen. • Also, with the use of Wi-Fi module it will transmit the data over internet. System allows a set point which can help in determining whether a person is healthy or not by checking his/her heartbeat and comparing it with set point. • After setting these limits, the system will start monitoring the heart rate of patient and immediately the heart rate goes above or below the certain limit the system will send an alert message. • As a part of this project we are implementing an android application model that will track the heartbeat of particular patient and monitor it correctly and give the emergency message on chances of heart attack.
 ? Portable system· ? Save risk of heart attack as you can check it in home. ? Affordable system· ? Temperature and Heart beat monitoring by single device· ? All Patient monitored by single person seating in Server room. ? This system also helps for Hospital monitoring system.

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