Abstract : Medical Surveillance Solutions are the most important in the brief developing country populace enhances demands for caretaking. Covid-19 is as a substitute contagious it is very important to quarantine covid-19 humans but at the equal time medical examiners need to check fitness of covid-19 sufferers moreover. With the boosting kind of instances it's miles turning into tough to preserve a tune on the health and well-being problems of several quarantined humans. Below the encouraged machine design of a Wi-Fi sensor network based upon IoT innovation. It is normally used for accumulating as well as moving the unique sensors tracking data regarding the human beings in healthcare centers. This software consists of Wireless primarily based network (Wi-Fi), having absolutely exceptional sensing gadgets related to the transmitter area the ones are Heart beat sensing unit, Temperature stage sensing unit blood pressure sensor and pulse oximeter. These sensors are straight away connected to the affected man or woman and accumulate the client issues by using way of the use of sensing devices. The same statistics is sending out wirelessly to the receiver location this is with the medical agent and by way of that receiver trouble he'll definitely reap all updates in their clients. And additionally it's going to genuinely deliver voice word to humans to take there medicines suitable time. And one sharp buzzer will in fact there at patient with a view to virtually advocate emergency state of affairs of clients. When patient will press emergency button then the buzzer will be ON.
 ? Internet of Things (IoT) is the state-of-the-art exchange of net which is the growing have a examine region mainly inside the fitness care. ? Health care is offered the intense relevance now a-days through manner of each United States with the improvement of the specific corona virus. ? In this paper, a portable bodily checking shape is proven, that can often examine the customer's heartbeat, temperature in addition to exclusive simple specifications of the space.
 ? An Iota framework is offered to check people' health and fitness problems as well as notify them to keep bodily distancing. ? In most of the agricultural regions, the medical middle might no longer be in a hand reap distance for the natives So commonly people forget any type of shape of teenybopper fitness problems that's displayed in onset via variant of vital components like frame temperature degree, heartbeat fee and many others. ? The equal information is delivering out wirelessly to the receiver region which is with the clinical agent and additionally by using that receiver problem he's going to get all updates in their sufferers.
 • In this paper, COVID 19 centre monitoring and management system has been proposed and integration of different sensor network with Internet of Things (IoT). • The proposed research and methodology was done related to COVID 19 centre management with internet of things (IoT) based architecture for monitoring patient health status. • The proposed system enables monitoring patients from their homes that save governmental cost and time through measuring the changes in patient's medical readings.
 ? The modern technology used for farming which gives better performance in productivity and quality. ? Intercommunication of security and other agencies makes efficient way of handling all the operations related to management of pandemic conditions. ? It is found that blynk based application has more advantages if widgets are appropriate for mobile devices. ? Data fusion means the process to reach higher efficiency results to deal with multiple and heterogeneous data sources.

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