Abstract : Eventually a day's a consequence of a general temperature alteration and atmosphere changes there are attempting conditions in field of coal mine. To decrease the cost and improve the productivity close by thing quality the atomization in the field of coal mine is irrefutably essential, which will in addition reduce the mine laborers endeavors. This paper proposes a structure of a WSN with the assistance of Raspberry pi processor which can screen the temperature, diligence, gas and status of smoke in an underground mine. This structure in addition controls the ventilation requesting to mine laborers relying upon present atmosphere conditions inside the mine field. This structure uses low force, practical Raspberry pi, and a temperature sensor LM35, clamminess sensor, and smoke sensor, gas sensor for recognizing the mine atmosphere parameters and Wi-Fi for remote logging of information at focal locale to control the air state with the assistance of engine and valve control hardware. Standard coal mine watching structures will all things considered be wired structure frameworks, which anticipate an enormous action in coal mine guaranteed creation.
 ? We are working on modifies the existing safety model installed in the industrial areas and this system can also be used in houses and offices. ? We are working on a project in which we are using new technology which is being used to make every existing digital system more smart, internet of things (iot). ? When the target combustible gas exist, the sensors conductivity is higher along with the gas concentration rising.
 ? The use of Air Conditioner (A/C) in the cars is more often this is dangerous to outer environment causing Global Warming like problems but as well as it affects the inner environment of a car. ? It causes problems like decrease in the oxygen level around 15% and increase in the level of harmful gases like Carbon mono oxide. ? Health Safety is a major issue in current era and good safety systems are needed to be implemented in places which are related to work, education and living.
 • They proposed prototype depicts a mini mobile robot which is capable to detect gas leakage in hazardous places. • The gas leakage detection system was proposed, designed and successfully implemented in this paper for home safety and industrial applications. • In this they proposed the use of MOS (Metal oxide Semiconductor) Gas Sensor. This information that is send over the server created on the internet and a Smartphone application can be used to notify.
 ? This proposed system proves that this is efficient system than existing one. Used for public water quality maintain. ? This proposed framework used to screen the coal mineshaft boundary and alarm the treat alert for making sure about people. ? With gas leakage detection, this system gives a fully automated approach towards the gas booking. ? Real time weight measurement of the gas and its display on LCD makes it an efficient home system and also can be used in industries and other places to detect gas leaks.

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