Develop a platform to support One District One Product (ODOP) initiative

Abstract : The aim of this paper is to discuss the role of the economic revitalization programme, One District One Product (ODOP) implemented in the state of Uttar Pradesh of India in 2018, examine its strategy, and analyze its impact on employment generation, export promotion and economic growth of the state from 2018 to 2020. Along with extensive literature, this paper uses case study approach for discussion. Arguments and facts are based on secondary data comprising of research by scholars, international agencies, government publications, websites, news reports, etc. This paper presents positive impact of the systematically crafted ODOP programme. Nevertheless, for desired success, it signifies the inevitability of active participation and engagement of public that has always been a precarious subject in the literature of public administration and governance. This paper offers a guiding live example for other states/countries to successfully implement ODOP programme which is a transformational step for realizing the true potential of each district. Strategies like ODOP may serve as an agent of change and be of immense help to governments in solving the problems of economic inequalities and regional imbalances.
 ? A unique scheme named 'One District One Product,' i.e. (ODOP) for promoting micro, small and medium enterprises operating in the state along with encouraging entrepreneurship, supporting existing entrepreneurs, ultimately leading to better economic growth and employment opportunities in the state. ? As each district is known for some sort of handicraft or MSME units, there is a requirement of promoting these ventures through marketing efforts leading to better employment opportunities and increasing the existing income levels of the workers/artisans associated in these sectors.
 ? The problem of the top-down policy, that is assuming it to be a purely government initiative. ? To eliminate the problem of economic differences and regional imbalances owing to income disparity. ? ODOP, a customized global solution for the problems faced by India offers the unique pairing of motives and approaches which the authors referred as ‘BEST’ in this paper.
 • The purpose of the presented case study is to discover the ODOP scheme, the chikankari entrepreneurs' awareness and attitude about the scheme. • It further proposes to transform such identified products into competitive products which shall, in turn, be accepted not only in the domestic market but also in the global market and shall eventually contribute to reinvigorate the economy at local level. • The Unique Selling Proposition of ODOP model is its implementation as a Sensitization Programme for the local community.
 ? There should be the production of material and technology workshops for the producer and artisan within woodworkers and leather workers in generating the enhancement. there should be proper assignment and study tours to other handicraft production areas to expose producers to the higher quality level and it should be more efficient in the production method. ? There should be making better international relations with neighboring countries. because these countries have closer art and cultural relationship with the native country. Spreading of cultural policy should be fast in India with another country in which handmade products are used.

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