Creating Application for Mobile Phones

Abstract : Currently, the development of mobile applications heavily relies on using conventional computers as development platform. MobiDev enables people in emerging countries without access to a computer but to a cell phone to develop their own locally relevant applications. The goal of the MobiDev project is to simplify development and deployment of applications directly on mobile phones. As a first step, we focus on the design of applications and try to support the computer science curriculum in developing countries to bootstrap the mobile developer culture and community. MobiDev allows the creation of graphical user interfaces (GUI) using various concepts. We present the results of a first system evaluation that show how people perceive the concepts for UI creation of MobiDev.
 ? There are a number of frameworks that provide existing functionality for you to build upon. For instance, the Foundation framework includes classes representing basic data types—such as strings and numbers—as well as collection classes for storing other objects. ? It’s recommended that, where possible, you use existing framework classes—or subclass them to add your own app’s features—instead of trying to reimplement their functionality. ? When you open an existing project (or create a new one), Xcode automatically creates a scheme for each target.
 ? Developing applications on a phone holds a number of obvious problems. First, it is very cumbersome to type program code due to the small (virtual) keyboard. Second, only a small amount of program code can be visible due to the limited size of the screen. ? One common issue is that users tend to leave little gaps open at the corners of squares that denote a control. ? Augmenting the interface of MobiDev with projected parts could help to overcome issues that are inherent to the size of mobile phones.
 • The purpose of this article is to provide information on how to create an app and to explore the commonly used tools and technologies to create an app. • The purpose of JavaScript is to make the app more dynamic by giving it the ability to manipulate data and to interact with the user. • A unit of code is the smallest testable component of your project—for example, a method in a class or a set of methods that accomplish an essential purpose.
 ? The SketchBuilder (SB) is used for transforming UI sketches created on paper into actual UI objects on the mobile phone. ? A video camera was used to record the interactions with the system. ? It can be used for educational purposes as well as for creating applications for the own benefit. ? Another interesting aspect is how mobile phones with integrated projectors could be used for creating UIs.

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